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Department of Railway Management and Policy
The purpose of this department is to nurture professional experts who can work as executives in the areas of management and policies of the railways & transportation. To that end, we provide students with educational programs that can help them to be equipped with insight into problems and ability to cope with crises by combining theories with practice. We mainly focus on railway operation & management and railway policy & planning.
  • Railway Operation & Management : knowledge and theories required for railway operation and organization & management such as railway information systems, financial analysis, marketing, business decision support, railway operation software, e-Business, management strategies, and so forth
  • Railway Policy & Planning : ㅣ knowledge and theories required for establishing railway policies such as railway demand forecast, multi-modal transportation, railway logistics, railway policy analysis, feasibility studies of railway facilities, railway project development methods, assessment manuals for railway investment, and so forth
In general, graduates from the department work in the following areas including agencies engaged in railway policies:
  • Agencies in charge of railway policies : Central/local governments and public offices establishing/executing railway policies
  • Railway operation agencies : Korean Railway Corporation, subway/ railway operators, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, and so forth
  • Railway-related research institutes : Government-funded railway institutes, logistics-related research institutes, government-funded transportation institutes, local government research institutes, and so forth
  • Various railway agencies : Railway-related agencies that need professional CEOs, those planning to invite private investment in railway facilities
It is well known that the Department of Railway Management & Policy has made ceaseless efforts for the past 10 years. Based on such accomplishments, we are determined to upgrade the contents of the education from this year. With this ambition in mind, we are planning to produce 10 ~15 CEOs annually in the area of railway & transportation business and policies in five years.
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