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The Graduate School of Railway provides internal/external scholarships to students with outstanding grades and exemplary behaviors and also to students experiencing financial troubles. By doing so, we allow many students to be fully devoted to their studies in order to foster talented individuals that can contribute to the country and society in the future.
School scholarships   : Funded by government subsidies and school support fees
Types of scholarship Scope Qualifications
Outstanding performance Exemption of part of the tuition The number of credits obtained in the previous semester should be 6 or higher, average grade 3.7 or higher, no C grade, and recommended by the head of department
Contribution Exemption of part of the tuition ㆍRecords of bringing honor to the school or significant contributions to the school
ㆍContribution to the association of graduate students
Research assistant Monthly payment based on work Assisting in education/research of graduate students for 5 days or more per
week under supervision of the head of department and relevant department
Scholarship of Specialized Graduate School of Railway : Scholarship granted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Types of scholarship Scope Qualifications
Scholarship for Railway Specialization Graduate School 80% of the tuition for the semester As a full time student, those who take 6 credit points or more of the specialized subjects, and with GPA of 3.5 or higher for the previous semester (To be inquired in advance )
External scholarships  : Funded by outside or scholarship agencies
Types of scholarship Scope Qualifications
Government commissioned
Entire tuition fee Student selected for government
ommissioned education
Student loan Within the scope of a tuition fee Student with outstanding performance and
difficult financial circumstances
Department scholarships : Funded by the department for full-time students
Types of scholarship Scope Qualifications
Department scholarship
(All departments)
Entire tuition fee
Additional scholarship provided for project participation
Selected as a full-time student
(to be inquired in advance)
Research scholarships  : Funded by Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement
Types of scholarship Scope Qualifications
Research scholarships Provision of tuition fee, and when selected as the student for the center’s support, additional scholarship is granted Selected as full-time student
(to be inquired in advance)
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