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Department of Railway Construction Engineering
The railway transportation system has been considered the most accurate and safest tool of mass-transportation, and it has attracted a lot of attention these days because of air pollution exacerbated by other vehicles. Moreover, many nations are introducing or increasing high-speed train systems in order to respond to the demand for faster and more convenient means of transportation, which require advanced technologies. Starting with the Seoul-Busan KTX, Korea is expected to establish a high-speed train network as well in the near future, requiring further research & development and training of experts in the area.
In order to meet this social demand, we’re aiming to develop technologies needed for construction and maintenance of high-speed trains and provide training to those engaged in relevant industries.

The Department of Railroad Construction Engineering devotes intensive efforts to developing advanced high-speed trains such as LTR and magnetic levitation trains in addition to developing technologies for construction and maintenance of general railways. Our education programs include railway system engineering, track mechanics, track geotechnical engineering, urban railway engineering, railway laws, and so forth.
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