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Department of Railway Electrical Signaling Engineering
Electric, train control, and communication technologies are vital to promoting the development of railways and play a major role in improving safety, environmental efficiency, and customer services. This is in line with the government’s intensive efforts in promoting environment-friendly and ingenious growth. Therefore, we aim to bring up the best experts and managers who can lead railway technologies by providing a wide range of theoretical and practical programs in the field of railway power supply system, train control system, railway IT system, and so on.
Faculty in the department consist of professors at Seoul National University of Science & Technology and researchers at Korea Railway Research Institute. They have a lot of experience in teaching and research and provide full assistance for students’ research and dissertations. The researchers at KRRI, which is a co-founder, lead most advanced railway technologies related to electric & signaling engineering.
Applicants can apply to Master’s and Ph.D courses. Employees are also allowed to apply. Many students in our graduate school are studying and working simultaneously for governments, railway authorities, equipment manufacturing company, and also can actively share their experience with new students.

Railways currently under construction or planning are electric railways, and the proportion of electric railways will amount to 80% by 2020, which means that experts of electric railway will play a key role in the future. Moreover, our research on the latest technologies applying to the railways have limitless potential for growth as it can contribute to increasing safety of the railways, maximizing operational efficiency, and enhancing customer services. We warmly welcome all those who have a keen interest in leading the advancement of railway technologies with passion and creativeness.
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