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Department of Railway Safety Engineering
The railway industry is composed in integrated engineering from construction to operation. Safety is linked to all activities related. The Department of Railway Safety Engineering educates the fun-damental studies related to the establishment and evaluation of safety policies, risk management and crisis safety, the human error and safety management. It also deals with the interpretation of safety information and data which are based on the integrated understanding of the railway field linked variously and systematically to solve the complex problems through the harmonization of various humanity/society/engineering field. With the development of railway, the future core transport means, we hope for much interest and participation of the challenging and creative hu-man resources that will manage the core parts of the railway safety field. 
Safety policy and management field - Railway Safety Theory, Railway Safety Policy Theory, Railway Safety Advertisement Theory, Railway Safety Law, Railway Capacity Distribution, etc.
Hazards and Crisis Safety Field - Hazard Management, Crisis Management, Railway Hazard Evaluation, Railway Crisis Prevention Information System, Railway Hazard Management

Human and Environmental Safety Field - Safety and Law, Human Errors, Human Action Safety Engineering, Safety Psychology and Education, Psychology of Thinking, Human Engineering and Occupational Diseases, Railway Safety Culture

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