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About Graduate School
 영문-철도전문대학원 Introduction About Graduate School
Purpose of Establishment
  • Under the graduate school specialization policy support of the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development, we aim to produce a high quality professional workforce in the industrial field related to railroad technology at low cost and high efficiency.
  • Through organic cooperation between universities, research institutes, industries, and governments, we aim to develop core and basic railroad technology, joint research development, and support retraining in culture, service, management, and job performance.
  • The cost for education and research facilities is shared and utilized together to form the maximum education and research environment.
  • Provide opportunity for continued training of railroad employees to enhance self-development, and heighten sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. On this basis, the related industries can develop to a global level, as well as develop a service mentality to satisfy customers.
Objective of Establishment
  • Prepare opportunity to integrate the specialized technology and knowledge of the Korea Railroad Research Institute, National Railroad Administration, and related companies at a global level
  • Form education/research environment in preparation for future technology such as high-speed and light railways
  • Form maximum education/research environment by utilizing shared equipment and facilities for experiments and research
  • Effectively produce a specialized high quality workforce in the railroad industry, and carry out core technology, safety environment, and design improvement contract projects at a low cost
  • Invite renowned professionals in each area as affiliated professors to activate empirical education and cooperative research
  • Provide reeducation and training opportunities as specialized professional courses
  • Establish foundation for advanced railroad culture, leisure, and service industry with the 100th anniversary of the railroad
  • In preparation for the 2002 World Cup, provide cultural products such as cultural merchandise, design, and souvenirs
Operation of curriculum
Course Duration Semester Class type Credit Awarded degree
2 years
(4 semesters)
2 semesters per year Day/night 27 Academic degree or Professional degree
(Non thsis)
2 years 6 months (5 semesters) 2 semesters per year Day/night 30 Professional degree
Doctor 2 years 6 months (5 semesters) 2 semesters per year Day/night 36 Academic degree or Professional degree
Combined Master
and Doctorate
4 years
(8 semesters)
2 semesters per year Day/night 60 Academic degree or Professional degree
Student Quota
Course Quota Awarded degree
Entrance quota Master 48
(Contract 15)
Master Doctor of Engineering :
Department of Rolling Stock System Engineering, Department of Railway Electrical & Signaling Engineering, Department of Railway Construction Engineering, Department of Railway System Engineering

Master Doctor of Business Management : Department of Railway Management & Policy
Doctor 18
(Contract 9)
Connection to Related Courses and Research Institutes
Specialized Graduate School Seoul National University of Science & Technology
Course area Major area Current related courses Related research institutes
Railway Rolling Stock System Engineering Rolling stock system
 IF rolling stock design
Railway industry technology policy
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Department of Mechanical Design & Automation Engineering
Department of Mould Design, Department of Automotive Engineering,
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Korea Urban Railroad Research Institute
Production Engineering Research Institute
Railway Electrical & Signaling Engineering Subway Electric Signal Control
Information and Communication
Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Media Engineering,
Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering
Electrical information technology research institutes
Railway Construction Engineering Railway Track
Railway roadbed and tunnel railway structure
Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Structural Engineering,
Department of Architecture, Department of Safety Engineering,
Department of Environmental Engineering
New Rail Research Institute, Construction disaster prevention research institute, Railroad Management Policy Research Institute
Railway Management & Policy Railway Management
Railway Policy
Railway Information
Department of Business Management, Department of Public Administration,
Department of Industrial and Information Systems Engineering
New Rail Research Institute, Production Engineering Research Institute, Social Science Research Institute
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